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Jeff Jablansky

Rarely stationary. Try to keep up.


Eight Perfect Cameras to Pack for a Scenic Road Trip

Capturing a road trip requires striking a balance—time on the road, and time enjoying the scenery. Our recommendation: Get a proper camera before setting off. Whether you're a novice or a pro, this list will have something for everyone. But how do you decided where to start, and which camera is right for you?
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10 North American Race Tracks You Need To Visit

There is a certain luxury to watching a race from the comfort of your living room television, at a local bar, or streamed through a smartphone, but there's nothing like taking in the whole experience of being at a race like getting to the track yourself. Because North America offers more racetracks than we could do justice to list, we've selected a few of our favorites for both spectators and drivers alike.
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Best Driving Simulator Rigs for the Ultimate Enthusiast Living Room

Driving fast is a right (So is driving slow). But how often are the conditions actually right for racing? It takes days of work to organize track days, in addition to the cost of purchasing a track car, getting it prepped, and having a plan in case something goes wrong with the car. Before terms like "indoor spinning" were coined to simulate the feeling of riding a bicycle but safely indoors, there were driving simulators to satisfy enthusiast drivers in the same way.
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Road Tests: 2014 Infiniti Q50S

Infiniti sends us to drive the 2014 Q50S equipped with a new performance package. Will the revised electric-assist steering climb out of the uncanny valley?
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Jeff Jablansky

JEFF JABLANSKY, automotive writer and photographer, was born with his hands planted firmly at 10 and 2.

He has written for automotive enthusiast publications in the United States and abroad, including Autoblog, Automobile Magazine, Autobytel, BBC Autos, Car and Driver, Fox News, Men's Journal, Motor1, the New York Daily News, Road & Track, and Thrillist.

His favorite road trip memory involves a Hyundai, a winding desert road and a herd of sheep. He likes to split his time between Brooklyn and Silverlake.